eBook Terms & Conditions

Golgotha Graphics eBooks are are published in fixed-layout EPUB format, and sold though two platforms – both of which offer free previews, which should allow you to test whether the eBooks work on your device, and within your choice of reading application:

Golgotha Graphics Direct Edition: eBooks are sold via FastSpring, and are DRM-Free. They may be purchased on any device with a web browser, and read in any application capable of reading Fixed-Layout EPUB – iBooks / Apple Books on Apple devices, or Thorium on Apple devices, Windows, Linux etc, to name two.

Please be aware, that some eBook readers may not correctly support left-right spread pagination, Calibre for example, or cover on the right when displaying two-page spreads.

Books sold through FastSpring require an email address to be provided to FastSpring, who will send an email containing links to download the files. Those links expire after a week. However, if an errata update is made, those links will become active again, and redirect to the new version of the file which can be downloaded without a new purchase.

Some Direct Edition books have the option of a “LoFi” version. This is the same book, but with pages compressed using JPEG, rather than PNG compression. The visual difference is very minor, and is mostly restricted to some faint banding on page backgrounds (not the actual panel art itself). The LoFi versions are about 1/3rd of the size in terms of download and storage, and are provided for the benefit of people with resource-constrained devices.

Updates will be announced on Golgotha Graphics’ twitter account @golgothaspace and on the blog here.

Apple Books Edition: eBooks purchased use Apple’s Fairplay DRM, and can only be read in iBooks / Apple Books. An iTunes account, and an Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad etc) are required to make the actual purchase in the iBooks / Apple Books app.

Books can receive updates at no additional cost (aside from your bandwidth costs), should errata updates be necessary.

Apple Books is being maintained as a legacy platform, primarily for people who have already bought our books on it in the past.

Regardless of the platform, or DRM status, the consent conditions of the sale are that you will respect the copyright notices contained within, and not duplicate, share, or in any way, increase the total number of extant simultaneous possessors of the works. If you obtain an instance of any of Matt Godden’s books, that individual instance must have been purchased via Golgotha Graphics’ official channels.

Don’t steal from the artist’s mouth.